Some staff have found that they hit a limit when entering text into the general comments area when marking using GradeMark. Please be aware that there is a 5000 character limit on the information that can be applied in this area. Please note, however, that spaces and punctuation also count as a ‘character’. This works out at around the 750 word mark.

The rationale for this is that this section should provide general guidance on what the student has done well and where improvements need to be made.  (Full commenting should be made throughout the main body of the document.)

Each comment made throughout the document (when you click within the page and enter text into the box) has a character limit of 1000, which works out at around 180 words.


2 Responses to Turnitin: Character limit when commenting

  1. Alex says:

    This has been fixed now and if you avoid the quick comment and go to edit grade there is not a limit on the feedback.

    • Adel says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for this. The character limits refer to GradeMark (the Turnitin marking tool). Feedback to user through the Grade Centre does not have limits.


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