An excited industry goes to Bologna

The autumn season has rushed up on us as we move from Shanghai to Bologna to see what hide prices will do and continue taking the temperature of the industry to see if a double dip in the world economy. Shanghai was a resounding “no” but since then we have seen panic again in Ireland and further worries in the USA where the legislature is playing around with a trade war against China. A dangerous move against such an important producer of affordable goods for the world. And one which is reportedly about to see its per capita consumption of footwear move from 1.5 to 3.0.  This is scary if you think of China having 1.4 billion people and that no other country in the world than China makes more than 1 billion pairs of shoes.

And then you must attend the Corium reunion

So Bologna should be exciting. All the more reason to join the Corium Club reunion.  The message you should have received is:

Please join Dr. Mark Wilkinson and Dr Jeffry Guthrie-Strachan along with the Master and Clerk of the Leathersellers’ Company at our Lineapelle, Corium reunion on Wednesday 13 October, 18.00 to 20.30 hours.

We will be hosting this event at the same venue as last year – The Starhotel Excelsior Bologna, Viale P. Pietramellara, 51, 40121 Bologna, opposite Bologna central station.

To help us with numbers, please email to confirm your attendance.

From last year the hotel was found to be most convenient allowing people to drop by before dinner and stay as long as they like.

And back home

The new term is also underway and there is exciting news about numbers with over a 40% increase in new intake compared to last year. Of course with students leaving our overall numbers still mean there is plenty of space (and need) for more. Of this year’s intake 6 are from the UK and 6 from the EU which marks a big reversal on the 90% plus from overseas that we have become accustomed to.  The new Northampton Leather M.Sc. course which is expected to become increasingly important in future years has also got its first clutch of students.

We also had the Princess Royal at Northampton opening the NVision centre which hopefully will find uses in the leather sector. It is an exceptional tool, and Princess Anne was willing to put on her 3D glasses to get a real sense of the 3D visualisation. Quite a leathery time she has been having lately – in Scotland in the summer opening their thermal energy plant and in Pittards opening their Marketing suite. Nice to have a royal leather expert. We should get her to join us on Linkedin!

Mike Redwood
5th October 2010