Location, Location, Location

Right now everyone is gathering in Hong Kong, and of course there is only one venue that all are targeting, which is the Corium Club event on Monday evening. There is a change this year as a result of the three day show, and the event will be co-located with the APLF cocktail party, although partitioned in some way. Hopefully none of the normal atmosphere of the Corium event will be lost. For those going tickets will be available at the BSLT/University of Northampton Stand at 1D20-14 UK.

With hide prices rising again, beyond the market’s ability to recover the costs in finished leather prices, this looks like being another important meeting point. The Amazon issue is also being discussed as we near the deadline for agreement on traceability. Removing 8 million Brazilian hides from the market with raw prices rising will be a difficult exercise, yet to fluff this will create a powerful backlash.

Expect also at the Corium Reunion to hear an update on the leather developments at the University and the formation of the new Leather Institute. This could be a key moment for the future of leather education and research.

Take your kilt

And in April the Corium Club has a new event in Scotland hosted by Jonathan Muirhead at Bridge of Weir and Jeffry Guthrie-Strachan and Lynn Margetts I will be there all day on the 14th taking students for a day round the SLG tanneries with reunion and dinner in evening. All are welcome. This visit highlights the large number of Corium members we have in Scotland not all of whom can easily get to events in Northampton or around the world, and of course the Scottish tanneries now lead the world in their sector.

For those who can make it this should be a superb relaxation after Lineapelle and Hong Kong and a good moment to put in perspective the issues perplexing the industry from day to day

Mike Redwood

25th March 2010