Welcome to The Good Practice Display!

The Good Practice Display showcases specific University initiatives that work to enhance policies, procedures and practices in a deliberate way. The aims of the Good Practice Display are threefold:

  1. to provide an inventory of initiatives as a ‘stock-taking’ exercise,
  2. to share initiatives across the Institution and outwith
  3. to identify certain elements of these practices that can be used in planning activities.

If you have an example of good practice in learning and teaching that you would like to share, please let us know! Tell us and your other colleagues across the institution about it and let’s really demonstrate a commitment to openness, sharing and enhancing what we do on a daily basis.

Our online form will help you identify in a structured and consistent way what you aimed to achieve, how you achieved it, how practice has changed as a result and what other people would need to do to enhance their own practice based on your example. All in all, what is it that makes something an exemplar that others can learn from?